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Getting rid of stubborn fat in specific areas can be difficult through exercise and dieting alone. While these are two fantastic ways to manage your health, a little support is a valuable tool for fat reduction. Some people are near their ideal weight and want to contour and define certain areas, while others may be looking to make significant changes.

Whatever your goal is, our treatments for fat reduction with body contouring in LaSalle can help you achieve your goals.

Causes of Unwanted Fat

Subcutaneous Fat

A certain amount of subcutaneous fat helps your body store energy, protect underlying muscles and tissues, and regulate body temperature, among other functions. Subcutaneous fat is the fat right under your skin that you can physically feel with a gentle squeeze in different areas of the body.

Genetics & Hormones

Causes of unwanted fat can be straightforward. For most people, lifestyle factors are the biggest contributor. Diet, activity level, sleep, alcohol consumption, and stress levels all play an important part in your body composition. Like many other conditions, genetics and hormones can also affect your body’s amount of fat.

Other Factors

The bottom line is everyone’s body is unique. You may be prone to unwanted fat in specific areas of your body and notice that other areas do not accumulate it in the same manner.

Treatment Options


EMSCULPT NEO goes a step further than classic EMSCULPT by combining the same energy technology with radiofrequency to simultaneously burn fat AND build muscle. This non-invasive treatment triggers what are known as supramaximal muscle contractions in treatment areas. The amount is estimated to be equivalent to over 20,000 contractions and EMSCULPT Neo works on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, and arms! This treatment averages 30% fat loss and 25% muscle improvement.

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Treatment Options

Medical Weight Loss

For some, submental fat loss might be best achieved through medical weight loss. If this treatment option is right for you, we will employ supportive strategies to help you lose weight for the long term, including FDA-approved medications and nutritional counseling.

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