Vitamin Deficiency Treatments in LaSalle

Vitamin Deficiency

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Optimizing your vitamin levels for better health.

When your body is lacking important vitamins it can affect your energy levels and alertness, which can impact your ability to function well. LIV Wellness Lounge has vitamin deficiency treatments in LaSalle to help you improve your health so you feel better and more energized to live well!

Causes of Vitamin Deficiency

Primary Cause

Many vitamins our bodies rely on come from external factors like what we eat. The primary cause of vitamin deficiency for many people is a lack of vitamins in their diet.


A well-balanced diet has a variety of food groups and types of food. It can be especially tricky if your diet is dictated by specific intolerances or lifestyle choices like veganism or vegetarianism.

Certain Conditions

Certain medical conditions, pregnancy, medications, and alcohol use can also increase your risk of vitamin deficiency.

Treatment Options

Vitamin Therapy

We offer customized vitamin deficiency treatments in LaSalle with our vitamin bar options. With wellness shots like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, or Wellness Cocktails with specific formulations of multiple vitamins, we can find the right vitamin therapy option for you.

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patient receiving vitamin therapy via injection in the shoulder

Treatment Options

IV Therapy

If you’re looking for the next step of vitamins, hydration, and nutrients, IV therapy may be the right option for you. We use customized IV drips to help improve your metabolism, mood, energy levels, and sleep.

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