Melt Away Stress and Fatigue with Vitamin Therapy Near You in LaSalle

patient receiving vitamin therapy via injection in the shoulder

Have you been feeling a little extra worn down lately? It might mean that you’re spending a few too many hours at the office or the gym, but it could also be a sign of vitamin deficiency. Our bodies need the proper nutrients to function, and that includes getting enough vitamins and minerals.

At LIV Wellness Lounge we’re not just here to help our patients look better, our goal is for them to also feel better through expert wellness treatments, like vitamin therapy! Located near you at our LaSalle and Ottawa locations, our luxurious medspas offer a mini-vacation feel that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

What is vitamin therapy?

Vitamin therapy is a customizable treatment to help restore your body’s necessary vitamin levels. We can use specific vitamin shots or wellness cocktails, depending on your body’s individual needs. 

Treatable Conditions

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Brain fog
  • Low energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Low motivation

What is a vitamin?

A vitamin is an organic compound. There are 13 essential vitamins that our body needs to function and those are divided into 2 types: water soluble and fat soluble, which has to do with how your body absorbs that specific vitamin. Most people are able to get all their necessary vitamins from their diet, but there are a lot of instances where someone might not be able to get their vitamins through diet alone.

What causes vitamin deficiency?

When your diet is dictated by specific intolerances or lifestyle choices like vegetarianism, it can be harder to get your necessary vitamin intake. The same goes for certain medical conditions and pregnancy, too! 

What are the symptoms of vitamin deficiency?

Your symptoms will change depending on which vitamin you’re lacking. Most vitamin deficiencies lead to muscle weakness and fatigue. 

Common vitamin deficiencies and symptoms

B12: When you’re lacking B12, you can experience irritability, depression-like symptoms. B12 typically comes from animal products like meat, eggs, and dairy.

D: Vitamin D deficiency can cause fatigue and loss of bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis. Our main source of vitamin D is the sun, which is why you might find yourself feeling tired in winter when there’s less sunlight.

C: Most of us are probably familiar with Vitamin C for its ability to help fight infections. Not having enough of it regularly can lead to dry skin and hair, as well as fatigue.

How does vitamin therapy work?

Vitamin therapy is about getting you those good and necessary nutrients as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying the benefits. At LIV Wellness nLounger we offer vitamin injections as well as IV drip therapy.

Normally when you consume vitamins through your food or through supplements, they have to pass through your digestive system. Which means you have to wait for the digestive process to take place before you start to see the benefits. More than that, your body is very good at breaking down food into nutrients, so good that not all of the nutrients are absorbed because some of them are lost in transit.

Using injections or an IV allows us to deliver vitamins and nutrients directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the destructive digestive system. This makes a greater percentage of vitamins available to your body and that you’ll start feeling better, sooner! 


Before we begin treatment we’ll start with a complimentary consultation. We’ll go over your medical history and chat about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, which will help us nail down which type of vitamin therapy will be the most effective.


If you visit us for vitamin injection, your treatment will only take a few minutes after your consultation. Injections are great if you’re on the go. If you’ve got time to relax in one of our private treatment lounges, an IV drip takes about an hour. 


Some patients say that they feel results almost immediately, though results will typically be most noticeable in 24 to 48 hours. Everyone’s body is different, so your results may vary. How long results last depends on your body’s metabolism, though most people will feel the effects most strongly for about a week.

Vitamin therapy results can provide just the boost you need when you need it. Coupled with  regular exercise and a healthy diet, you’ll start feeling even better over time.

Should I get a vitamin shot or IV Drip?

It really depends on how much time you have! 

Injections are a much quicker appointment, but the effects will take longer to appear compared to an IV solution, but an IV’s results will also last a little longer. IV drip therapy can also provide higher levels of hydration than an injection.

How often should I get vitamin therapy?

Vitamin therapy is a great regular part of your routine, how often you come in will depend on your specific goals! 

If you’re looking to support and maintain your immune system, you might choose to come in once a month, especially during cold and flu season. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a boost due to a recent event, like recovering from travel or a weekend of activities, you might just come in for appointments as necessary.

As with most habits, consistency is key, and will help you optimize your vitamin levels for long term health. Regular vitamin therapy can change your life, just like exercise and better health choices.

Benefits of vitamin therapy

Overall health

Your body needs vitamins to function properly! Vitamin therapy is an all natural way to boost your overall wellness.

Skin care

Getting the right nutrients can support your skin’s health, too. If you’re interested in other aesthetic skincare treatments, vitamin therapy can give your skin a healthy foundation and may even enhance your results! Our glutathione injections are particularly helpful with brightening the skin.

Weight loss

Vitamin therapy can help regulate your body’s metabolism and support you in your medical weight loss goals and recover from your workouts!

Natural energy

If you’re feeling worn out and down, especially in the winter time or in your company’s busy season, vitamin therapy is a great way to naturally boost your energy levels. It’s more beneficial and will last longer than another venti latte (though they’re delicious, we know!). 

Who can benefit from vitamin therapy?

Almost anyone can benefit from occasional or regular vitamin therapy. 

If you’re an athlete

The right nutrients are essential for optimal workout recovery. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or live an active lifestyle, supplementing your diet with regular vitamin therapy can keep your body working like an engine. 

Vitamin therapy can be used for recovery as part of your regular training or for one time recovery. If you’re not a bodybuilder (like most of us) you can still use vitamin therapy to recover after a particularly active day, like if you need to help your friend move into their new home.

If you’re feeling under the weather

While it won’t cure you, vitamin therapy can help you recover from illness faster so you can get back on your feet sooner. It helps with fatigue, rebuilding your immune system, and getting your body back to a healthier baseline.

Regular vitamin therapy can also boost your immune system so you’re less likely to get sick in the first place!

If you’re beauty-conscious

Vitamin therapy can help support your skin’s overall health. Our “beauty” IV bags can hydrate dry, aging skin and our Vitamin C infusions add a youthful glow to your skin. Plus, the vitamins support your body’s production of collagen and elastin, which is the foundation for firmer skin.

Vitamin therapy near you can help you LIV Well. 

Vitamin shots and IV drip therapy can revive your immune system, help relieve stress, boost your energy levels, and all around help you feel like yourself again. Our goal at LIV Wellness Lounge is to always provide our patients with the solutions they need to optimize their well-being. 

We’re not like other medspas, because we truly want our patients to feel better, not just look better. That’s why we work with each of our patients to develop a treatment plan based on your goals and needs. We know that cookie-cutter treatments won’t provide the same benefits as a customized plan.

Schedule your free consultation today to get started today! Our team is ready to assist you and answer any question you have about vitamin therapy near you at our LaSalle and Ottawa locations. We’re proud to serve patients from all over the Illinois Valley, including Peru, Spring Valley, and Oglesby!

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