What is IV Drip Therapy in LaSalle?

Lovely young woman empowered and rejuvenated by iv drip therapy in Lasalle

Feeling better is the best part of looking better. LIV Wellness Lounge understands this. That’s why we serve LaSalle, Ottawa, Peru, and even Chicago residents with treatments and advice to make wellness not just your goal but your way of living.

Contact us with your aesthetic and wellness needs. And then take what feels like a mini-vacation at our luxury medical spa. Our team’s goal is to make you feel welcome and leave you feeling better-than-ever!

One of our wellness treatments that makes you feel rejuvenated from the inside out, is our IV Therapy. Not familiar with intravenous therapy for fatigue, immunity, and more? Read on for the run down on not feeling run down anymore.

IV drip therapy in LaSalle: The Basics

IV Drip Therapy, sometimes called hydration therapy or—more easily—iv therapy, involves having an intravenous line placed inside a vein. This delivers fluid,vitamins, and nutrients directly and safely into your bloodstream, bypassing the destructive digestive process. Taking this path helps you achieve full absorption of the nutrients. 

LIV Wellness Lounge delivers these liquids and vitamins in “bags,” with a variety of fluid/vitamin blends to achieve specific wellness purposes.

Treatable Conditions:

  • Dehydration
  • Low immunity
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Low metabolism
  • Inflammation
  • Poor circulation
  • Migraines
  • Chronic pain

How does IV therapy work?

First and foremost, your body needs plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to perform at its best. Day to day living, exertion (exercise), emotions (stress)—all of these take their toll on your system’s resources. 

And many times (for some of us—most of the time) we don’t eat the way we should or drink enough water to replenish our bodies. When that happens, the machine isn’t getting the nutrition it needs to make you feel healthy, energized, and happy.

This is where IV therapy lends a helping hand—or “bag”—to give your body the replenishing, reviving boost it needs. IV drip therapy in LaSalle and Peru provides a direct route into your body to address several wellness goals and aesthetic goals.

Immune System Boost

Your immune system protects you from illnesses every day. However, environmental factors and lifestyle choices can weaken it. Lack of sleep, poor diet, constant stress, all of these contrive to bring down your defenses and let illness strike.

IV therapy at LIV Wellness Lounge introduces the raw materials your body needs to fight back. The immunity benefits include:

  • Almost 100% nutritional absorption for immediate use
  • Detoxification
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Increase in antioxidant levels and antioxidant protection
  • High doses of essential nutrients (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Glutathione, and more)
  • Develops a healthy gut—where 70% of your immune system resides
  • Promotes wound healing and healthy blood clotting

Keep in mind that IV drip therapy in LaSalle won’t completely prevent you from getting a cold. However, it can help you get over one much faster, and minimize the effects of exposure. 

Who uses immunity IV drip therapy?

It comes as no surprise that medical workers and teachers In Chicago, Peru, LaSalle, and many more cities and towns frequently use IV drip therapy to keep up their immunity levels. From hospital rooms to kid-filled classrooms, these dedicated employees (or as we call them, “heroes!”) get exposed to more germs and viruses than most of us would care to think about. 

Pretty much anyone who works with the public or with numbers of other coworkers will benefit from immunity IV drip therapy in LaSalle at LIV Wellness Lounge.

Also, frequent travelers often book IV drip therapy before and after traveling, to prep for exposure to other travelers and busy locations. Upon returning home, they use immunity IV drip therapy to help their bodies fight against any extra “luggage” acquired during transit.


Are you going hard during your workouts? Bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts use IV drip therapy to help their bodies more quickly repair or replace damaged muscle fibers (cellular process). This helps you grow muscle. 

IV drip therapy in LaSalle can also reduce inflammation, so that myogenesis (muscle growth) may continue more fully. Chronic inflammation itself has been shown to cause or aggravate joint issues and low testosterone levels too.

Rehydration works as a key benefit also. The suspension liquid in the bag helps hydrate your entire system, which helps your body recover.


A truly effective treatment across the country for post-COVID recovery has been IV drip therapy. In LaSalle at LIV Wellness Lounge, we’ve found it’s great for getting back on your feet after almost any sickness, helping with fatigue, rebuilding immunity, and getting your system back to a healthier baseline. 

Sickness depletes your body. There are the obvious health-robbing aspects—like decreased food intake, nausea, and dehydration. Even a fever robs your body of nutrients too. When you’ve powered through that flu, come to LIV Wellness. Our IV therapy helps replace those lost nutrients quickly by providing direct import for fast absorption. Getting better just got even better.


Our “beauty” bags work excellently to rehydrate dryer, aging skin. Our infusions of vitamin C also add that lovely, youthful glow. Plus they help your body rebuild collagen and elastin, the foundation of healthy tissue.

Plus, having more energy, more vitality, makes you feel younger from the inside out! After IV drip therapy in LaSalle at our luxury IV lounge, you’ll want to do the things you love, all while loving the way you look. 

Who uses recovery IV drip therapy?

Athletes are some of the most popular IV therapy clients, for obvious reasons. But what about suburban warriors spending a weekend handling the landscape? It could be friends helping another friend move their belongings (like that insanely heavy sleeper sofa) from a third-floor apartment. 

From sports tournaments, to just focused times of hard exertion, anyone can help their body recover faster, and feel better, with recovery IV drip therapy.

The “hangover” cure

A hangover causes several unlikeable symptoms, such as

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Thirst
  • Dizziness

A “banana bag” at LIV Wellness Lounge addresses those issues, and more, with a customizable cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and possible anti-nausea components. 

Since it’s an IV, you don’t have to put anything into what might be a rather touchy stomach. Instead, relax, and let the IV drip therapy replenish your system and speed up your recovery time.

IV Drip Therapy in LaSalle at LIV Wellness Lounge: How It Works


At LIV Wellness Lounge, we’ll first want to meet with you for a complimentary consultation. During this time we’ll learn about your symptoms, medical history, and goals for treatment. If IV therapy is appropriate, we’ll then design a custom IV treatment plan according to your needs!

Relaxing treatment

At the scheduled appointment time, get ready to relax. LIV Wellness offers high-end, private IV therapy lounges for your individual treatment. Imagine taking an hour, and up to 90 minutes, of “me” time in an amazing recliner. 

This custom chair has USB ports so you can enjoy your mobile connectivity while your IV therapy does its magic. Or, you can enjoy the high-def tv and truly chill with Netflix (or any of our other choices for entertainment).

Or don’t do either of these. A number of our clients relax into blissful sleep, in the privacy and quiet of their IV therapy lounge.

During this time your provider will gently administer the IV and can apply topical numbing cream beforehand by request. The duration of the treatment is not painful, many clients enjoy the relaxing atmosphere as the IV delivers vital nutrients into your system.


You can typically expect results to be noticeable in 24 to 48 hours, though some clients feel immediate results. Each individual’s body is different, so results may vary.

How often should I get IV drip therapy?

The frequency of IV therapy at LIV Wellness Lounge depends on your goals. For example, if you want to support and maintain your immune system, you’ll want at least 1 treatment a month, especially during the increased cold and flu seasons. 

For sports, you would want to continue treatments for the duration of your training, especially if your chosen sport has a higher impact on musculature.

Keep in mind that consistency will optimize your system for long-term health. Like exercise and better health choices, if you keep it up, it will change your life.

Some treatments can be more of a one-time experience, such as after a weekend of activities that strained your system, or a touch of jet lag from a trip out of town. Talk to your professional provider at LIV Wellness Lounge about your goals, and then let IV drip therapy in LaSalle help you revive your body from the inside out.

Save with an IV drip membership

If a consistent treatment plan is right for you, check out our IV therapy membership options! 

You can choose 1 or more treatments a month for a 6-month purchase. These plans are the most cost effective way to keep building your wellness. Plus you’ll have LIV Wellness Lounge there to help remind you about your appointments, and help keep you on track. 

Live well, with LIV Wellness Lounge

IV therapy treatments revive your immunities, energize your system, and make you feel better. That’s our goal at LIV Wellness Lounge. Contact us to book a free consultation, or try our virtual consultation tool online. We promise a better experience, better pricing, and a better way to make the day about you. You deserve it.

People from every walk of life come to LIV Wellness Lounge for IV Therapy, heading into our locations from LaSalle, Ottawa, Peru, Chicago, and more. Come meet our team and tour our comfortable and relaxing spa. We would love to introduce ourselves to you, and share the joy of living well!